18. 10. 2014: MSR Obtiažnosť K2
10. 11. 2012: Vertigo Open 2012
20. 10. 2012: Edelweiss Cup Modra




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The Mandala's Climb - Love is a beautiful Thing - Megan MASCARENAS in Fontainebleau

Here is a film about Megan MASCARENAS venue in Fontainebleau, October 2016. Dealing with the weather and rock conditions, getting into the atmosphere of this enchanted forest, exploring the specific needs of compression for this bouldering style on this particular sandstone.
This Mandala is here to symbolize the circle we are all creating with our lives, when we invest ourselves psychologically, emotionally, to push to change ourselves to become a better person. In this big loop of personal transformation, we will create, innovate, and accomplish great things. We will develop sensibility and emotions. Sometimes you have to put a fight, go through difficulties and accept to fail, but always to search for a personal positive evolution. This is a virtuous circle that make us better, bigger, stronger in the end.
Movie credits to Matthieu Géry Films

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Boulder PRASK K2 vol.5

Music : Kungs - Don't You Know (Official Video) ft. Jamie N Commons

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Las Vegas Bouldering Porn

Jon Glassberg and Ben Spannuth bouldering outside of Las Vegas, Nevada at Red Rocks. Ben Spannuth makes the second ascent of Community Service (V10) and Jon Glassberg climbes Book of Nightmares (V12), flashes Stand and Deliver (V11) and makes the first ascent of Sportsman's Purse (V6) and Frigidaire (V12).

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